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Amiga ExclusiveAGS 16GB FULL Whdload 5134 Games

Amiga MegaAGS 16GB SD-CF Card for Amiga 1200-3000-4000-CD32 Whdload Games
Order Variations :
SD Memory card (writing service), shipping with airmail and track no
For A500Mini :
Price :
SD Memory card (writing service), shipping with airmail and track no
For Raspberry PI(Pi4 or Pi400):
Price :
SD Memory card (writing service), shipping with airmail and track no
For WinUAE:
Price :
SD Memory card (writing service), shipping with airmail and track no
For RetroARCH :
Price :
SD Memory card (writing service), shipping with airmail and track no
For Real Amiga 1200:
Price :
Price :
Item Description:

Amiga AGS 16GB amigApple Distro

Choose your option!!
for raspberry pi, for a500mini, for retroarch, for real amiga or all bundle :)

5134 WHDload games and demos with screen, title and cover images.
Over 350 hand picked non WHDLoad games including PD, AGA and RTG games.
29 Premium Games
3266 ROM's and Disk/Tape images for the included emulators.
23 Workbench Games
128 Custom menu themes.
Automatic speed regulation for games that run too fast. (Not RHW version)
Automatic game resolution scaling to fill as much of the screen as possible. (A500 mini only)
Automatic chipset optimizations added to reduce glitches in games. (Not RHW version)
User controlled CPU and chipset configuration from AGS or Workbench. (Not RHW version)
Full Workbench 3.1 installation with AHI audio support.
Full HD RTG true colour desktop with dozens of backdrops. (Not RHW version)
Loads of office, art, music and programming software and Workbench utilities.
11,000 iff samples, 57,000 sid tunes and over 6000 MOD's included.
Directory Opus 4 to manage your files.
Access to your USB/HDD drive to transfer files.
Shutdown and reset the Amiga from AGS or Workbench.

easily exiting to the workbench screen with ESC key.

This card is formatted, partitioned and full of games and utils.
It is loaded with masses of software and games for your Amiga

Minimum Memory recommended 8 mb to run games

Please look for my other offers for different capacities SD-CF cards and for different Kickstarts.

SD Memory card (writing service):
This service is ONLY for those people who lack the skills to write the files on a memory card.

For shipping details, please check Shipping Page
For other payment options, please check Payment Page
For Store Policy please check Policy Page
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Email me :-)



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