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Dear friends,
sometimes we receive questions about us and distros. we added some here.
if you have any, please send us

at beginning, We are retro computer enthusiasts like you.
our favorites are Amiga Commodore Atari and Macintosh
We have been preparing hard drive systems, hard drive images more than 20 years.
>is it safe to make payment on your site?
<we use end to end encryption for our site and webserver. for payment, we use 3th party agreements like paypal, payoneer or webmoney

>how do you give your download links, is it torrent or google drive or megadrive?
<no torrent or google drive or any other drive. we use pure amigapple webserver and we have our own cloud hub :)

>is it safe to download from you?
< it is safe. we use end to end encryption for our webserver.

>if i order custom hard drive image , how long does it take to prepare?
<appx it takes 1-2 weeks

>could you add some games-apps to your "ready distro"?
<it is hard to do it. takes a lot of time.

>is this your main business?
<no. it is our hobby :) we love macintosh, amiga , atari, commodore and other retro computers.

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