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AmigaOS MegaAGS, Full WhdLoad 16GB For Windows - PC Computers

Amiga MegaAGS 16GB SD-CF Card for Amiga 1200-3000-4000-CD32 Whdload Games
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Amiga OS MegaAGS WhdLoad 16GB For Windows  PC Computers

totally new Amiga for your Windows :)

no need to configure,
no need to flash any memory card,
no need to configure your PC boot sequence

> just simple as just double click and install an app to your Windows :)

check here install sequence:

check here boot sequence:

we prepared it with a handle laucher program:
-download our app,
- read readme file,
-install it to your  Windows, it will also add ashortcut to desktop,
-double click "amigapple_Launcher" file or shortcut.

that is it,

your amiga will boot automatically

plug& play,
you can install it to your computer, install it to an external hard drive or to a memory card wherever you want:)

this is our ultimate bundle for amiga:

full whdload Titles Games, smooth OS,

++ tons of games apps

this bundle is a GNU/Linux distribution based on a modified version of Amiga OS

installation process my take longer time depends on the capacity of image files. be informed. ( also prepare necessary empty space in your hard drive for installing)

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Email me :-)



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