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MkLinux CD for Macintosh PowerPC

MkLinux CD for Macintosh PowerPC
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MkLinux CD for Macintosh PowerPC

this listing includes:
-image file
-1 pcs. Preloaded CD
MkLinux 1.4 install cd for Macintosh ppc
this listing includes 1 pcs. copied CD:

Architecture: PPC
Linux Red Hat 2.0

works perfect with :

Macintosh LC 580
Apple Macintosh Quadra 630
Apple Power Macintosh 4400
Apple Power Macintosh 5200
Apple Power Macintosh 5300
Apple Power Macintosh 5400
Apple Power Macintosh 5500
Apple Power Macintosh 6200
Apple Power Macintosh 6300
Apple Power Macintosh 6400
Apple Power Macintosh 6500
Apple Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
Apple Power Macintosh G3 All-In-One
please ask  for your system!

install & enjoy !

be informed:
this listing has 2 different options for ordering. please choose best option for you:

Download Preloaded image file only, not physical shipping
-1 pcs preloaded CD only, shipping via airmail

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