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Apple Macintosh IDE Hard Drive Mac0S 7.6.1
Power Mac 90 GB 40-pin SATA

Apple Macintosh IDE Hard Drive Mac0S 7.6.1, Power Mac 90 GB 40-pin SATA
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90 gb preloaded SATA Card +Internal IDE Adapter, shipping via airmail:
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Apple Macintosh IDE Hard Drive Mac0S 7.6.1, Power Mac 90 GB 40-pin SATA

SATA III Hard drive  for Vintage Apple Macintosh. 

40-pin IDE Hard Drive w/ Mac0S 7.6.1 preLoaded.

includes all necessary softwares for your Macintosh. it is a HUGE archive!
90 gb total hard drive. 25 gb Software-Games in it.
really huge :)
for Power Macintosh which is after SCSI hard drive era.
Tested on Power Macs like Performa, Quadra. works perfect.
please ask for your system.
Your Macintosh will automatically boot from this hard drive.

please ask for compatibility to your Macintosh.
Architecture: ppc
not all games or software tested.

silence. minimum electricity consumption. no physical drive motor like old IDE hard drives- will not broke.

More like Plug & Play :)
Ready solution: put the memory card inside the adapter, connect the IDE adapter to your IDE 40 pin port with a ribbon cable and turn on, that is it!
important point is; this IDE adapter already set up for Macintosh system!

be informed:
this listing include 1pcs. IDE 40 pin adapter + 1pcs. 90gb SATA III memory card.

if you need a hard drive 250gb or higher, please ask me for price!

I've included games, drawing and painting programs, word processors,  utility programs,  apps, and MORE! some of them, just click and go, some of them need to be installed. some of them need to be copied to a floppy disk and need to be installed from there etc. I did not install all of them because, it can be used with different computers in this way.
Also in this hard drive you will find apps, utilities, games for "older" systems too ( like Macintosh 128k, 512k, plus etc.)
so some of files may not be worked in your system.

if you want some special softwares or games to be copied or installed, please contact me.  i can add your softwares/games for some extra payment( depends on how many man-hours necessary)
if you need "customised" hard drive; like another macintosh system, other games, apps or another capacity of hard drive please contact me also.
this SATA drive is 90 gb. partitioned as 1pcs 90gb.
LOTS of softwares & games

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Email me :-)



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