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Hyperpie 256gb MicroSD Card for Pi 2-3, plug & play

Hyperpie 256gb MicroSD Card for Pi 2-3, plug & play
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256 gb MicroSD Card, For Raspberry Pi 2-3, shipping via Airmail:
Price :
Item Description:

256gb HyperPie Retro Games for RaspberryPi2 - 3 / 3b+, MicroSD Card plug & play

Format: MicroSD
Category: HyperPie Gaming System
Capacity: 256 gb

Plug & Play !
please BE informed:

You need to have raspberry pi kit (raspberry pi board+usb mouse) to get this system running , ( this listing does not include them) it won't work without them.

pi2-3 contents:

if you are new on Raspberry Pi, but you don't know how,

please ask:)

If you have any problems with this card just email us and We will help the best we can.

This listing includes:

1pcs. MicroSD card  and fully uses its capacity :)

You might get different microSD card whatever i have available !!!

Does not include the raspberry PI computer , gamepad, mouse, keyboard or TV!

this listing has 1 different options for ordering. please choose best option for you:

MicroSD Card, For Raspberry Pi 2-3

For shipping details, please check Shipping Page
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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Email me :-)



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