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Amiga Amithlon XL OS install CDs for PC Computers

Amiga Amithlon XL OS install CDs for PC Computers
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Download Preloaded image file only, not pysical shipping:
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700mb cd kit , shipping via airmail:
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Amiga Amithlon XL OS install CDs for PC Computers

plug & play :)

this listing includes:
-Image file
2 pcs CD with Amiga OS XL cd and FreeDOS cd
-1pcs microsd card with necessary files

perfectly designed excellent new-AmigaOS for your PC computers. Based on Linux.

lightweight, highly efficient and flexible media-centric operating system.

please check below for your PC compatability:

Requirements: GNU/Linux-compatible PC that can boot from the CD or DVD drive . Most PCs manufactured after 1997 and most notebooks manufactured after 1998 support this functionality. On some PCs the boot from CD option may have to be set in the BIOS (enabling it and/or arranging the boot priority of the CD/DVD drive relative to other drives). best fits for win95-win XP era computers.
be informed:
this listing has 2 different options for ordering. please choose best option for you:

Download Preloaded image file only, not pysical shipping
-2pcs CD+1pcs microsd card, shipping via airmail

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